In order to protect our members from undesirable contacts:

- private email addresses are excluded of contacting our members.
- searcher can send producers only request for his products.
- the message which producers will receive is a fixed text.
To avoide any confusion we offer single product selection.
Multi selection function for different products is visable but OFF.
Each member (producer) has 4 free promotions opportunities for recently developed products yearly.

The latest promoted products will remain in this field and will not be deleted (if the total data volume does not exceed our server volume).
We offer two ways of searching on fopp24 page:

1. Through the SEARCH FIELD
By key word or with first letters of your key word.

2. Searching by application:
a) Select RAW MATERIAL sector
b) Seclect the subcategory COMPOUND
c) Seclect the product MEDICAL COMPOUND
You will see all the available medical compounds including their suppliers.

a) Select FOOD sector
b) Seclect the subcategory FROZEN FOOD
c) Seclect the product VEGETABLES
You will see all the available packaging of frozen vegetables including their suppliers.
1. Free basic membership:

Registeration under your country
Offering product no. 15
4 promotions per year of recently developed produts under "Latest Innovation"
Non extra addational charges.
Non registeration fees.

2. Premium membership:

Registeration under all countries
Offering all products
4 promotions per year of recently developed produts under "Latest Innovation"
Membership fees once per registration 3000 Euro Nett
Non extra addational charges.
There is no limitation in adding new products.
Everyone can send us his proposal for the new product and we will add it to our portfolio if it fullfills the discription of the product.
For example: Cheese packaging:

1. Seclect the food sector.
2. Select the subcategory Dairy.
3. Select the kind of cheese.

You will find the most famous available packaging methods for cheese, including registered suppliers.
New Services, Sectors and Products are under preparation and should be announced soon.
We appreciate receiving your valuable comments, proposals and suggestions.
The producer has to be the owner of those certificates which are added under his profile.
Fopp24 is an independent company who provides this service platform to the packaging market, it dose not belong to any groups, investors or banks.

As our policy says we are going to treat all our memebers equal and do not have preferable members.
Additional to our search engine we do offer two additional search filters:

1. Searching suppliers by their certificate.
2. Searching suppliers by their country.
Our Forum is only dedicated to our members (producers). This Forum is for technical interactions and support between our members (producers).
All employees of our members (producers) have access to our Forum.
For registration into our Forum you can enter any name.
This Forum is anonymous and no names or email addresses will be disclosed.
All products made out of plastic, paper, aluminum, compostable and biodegradable raw material or from a combination of them (including their raw material) which are used in one field of the mentioned sectors.

Product chain: Starting from chemical items until final products for the end user.
Producers and end users so far the picture displays the product:

1. The picture will be linked to your company's home page.
2. For machine producers and traders we dedicated on fopp24 special spaces for advertising.
This page is developed through our friends and the owner of FOPP24. If you are interessted to use the same software for your own company , please feel free to contact us.
We offer searchers the opportunity to get in contact with the right producer for his product.

We are not involved in any sort of communication for any product specifications or in any commercial issues of the two partners.
We do not disclose any names, phone numbers or email addresses of our members.