General terms of business

The following General Terms of Business apply to all contracts concluded with Fopp24 Verwaltung GmbH even when no reference is made to them in follow-up contracts. They also apply when the party with which the contract is concluded refers to its own general terms unless Fopp24 Verwaltung GmbH has expressly agreed in writing to accept the other contracting party’s general terms.


The ““ website offers all manufacturers of packaging material and packaging, respectively, who have an own manufacturing facility the possibility of advertising their products. Another precondition for offering their products on the website is that the company is registered properly in the register of companies of their respective country and that the check for integrity by Fopp24 Verwaltung GmbH has been concluded successfully.

In addition, Fopp24 Verwaltung GmbH offers parties interested in purchasing packaging material and packaging the possibility to quickly and directly find products from manufacturers that suit their requirements. A precondition is that the prospective buyer is not a consumer as defined in Section 13 BGB (German Civil Code). Consumers are excluded from the website, both as sellers and buyers.

1. Services by Fopp24

1.1 Die Fopp24 Verwaltung GmbH assists prospective buyers in finding a suitable supplier for the packaging product they are looking for. Depending on the type and scope of services specified at the time of registration, Fopp24 Verwaltung GmbH will find suitable suppliers, which will be communicated to the prospective buyer so that he can ask that supplier for a quotation.

1.2 Besides, Fopp24 Verwaltung GmbH runs an anonymous chatroom for technical questions and answers.

1.3 Fopp24 Verwaltung GmbH also offers assistance in marketing new products.

2. Liability

2.1 Fopp24 Verwaltung GmbH accepts no liability for contracts concluded through their mediation. Fopp24 Verwaltung GmbH merely acts as host provider and has no influence whatever on the quality or prices, the absence of defects, availability of the products, etc. Fopp24 Verwaltung GmbH is also not responsible for the buyer’s creditworthiness.

2.2 Fopp24 Verwaltung GmbH is not in any way liable for the list of prospective suppliers submitted to potential buyers. Fopp24 Verwaltung GmbH merely offers assistance in the search for a suitable supplier.

2.3 Should a supplier add photos of his products to an offer, that supplier is responsible that he owns all rights to the photos for publishing it on the Fopp24 Verwaltung GmbH website and no third-party rights are infringed. If a third party raises a claim against Fopp24 Verwaltung GmbH in connection with an alleged violation of rights of that party, the supplier shall reimburse Fopp24 Verwaltung GmbH all costs incurred in this connection.

4. Concluding provisions

4.1 The place of performance for all obligations out of the contractual relationship is the registered place of business of Fopp24 Verwaltung GmbH.

4.2 The agreed legal venue is the registered place of business of Fopp24 Verwaltung GmbH. Fopp24 Verwaltung GmbH can also sue he supplier/potential buyer at the latter’s place of residence or business.

4.3 If any one or more provisions in these General Terms should be ineffective, the other provisions will not be affected.

4.4 The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply to the exclusion of the international conflict of law provisions.

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