About Fopp24 GmbH & Co. KG

We are a company based in Germany and our team exists of technical experts and experienced sales people with considerable market knowledge of the packaging industry. We are able to provide you with information about current products from prestigious trusted suppliers.

Our mission

A complete service platform for the packaging industry where you can find entire product informations easily and free of charge.

What we provide

A data base of all products made out of plastic, paper, aluminum, compostable and biodegradable raw material or from a combination of them (including their raw material) which are used in one field of the mentioned sectors. Product chain: Starting from chemical items until final products for the end user.

We offer searchers the opportunity to get in contact with the right producer for their product.

We offer searchers the opportunity to find the right producer according to their company certificates.

We offer different search opportunities for products by application, product name or first key words of the product name.

We offer producers to promote their products free of charges.

We offer producers the opportunity to be perceived with less than 3 clicks for any of their product.

A platform for producers to promote their recently developed products under „Latest Innovations“ worldwide and free of of charge.

Technical expertise reports: Based on requests of producers we create and publish a technical expertise report about products or machines from the packaging industry.

Different advertising opportunities for everyone.

What we do not do

We do not involve ourself in any sort of communication for any product specification or in any commercial terms of producers and end users.

We do not allow private individuals to use our services.

We do not disclose any personal information.

We do not allow users to bother our members. Producers receive only product requests for his products (a fix text).

Registeration options

1. Free basic membership:

Registeration under your country

Offering product no. 15

Promotions of your recently developed products under "Latest Innovation".

Non extra addational charges.

Non registeration fees.

2. Premium membership:

Registeration under all countries

Offering all products

Promotions of your recently developed products under "Latest Innovation".

Membership fees once per registration 3000 Euro Nett.

Non extra addational charges.

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